We strived to reinvest every single rand generated by the company (Harvest CA) towards the marketing and brand establishment, work force and skills development. This proved to be a worthwhile investment as it anchored the foundation of the Group.

Information on our workforce: More than 90% of individuals are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. About 60% of our current workforce is on their first employment. As The Group continues to grow, we grow together with our employees whom we are grooming and mentoring so that they are well prepared for challenges and opportunities that come with it.

From Harvest CA and through partnerships with industry experts the following entities were born:

• Harvest Marketing and Media - This company was strategically established to foster the Harvest brand's growth and to market the Group's products and services to a specific target market.
• Harvest Institute of Commerce - The Institute was established to empower our nations young and old with education in the fields of finance and business management through its accreditation with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. This organization will also serve as a feed of talented resources towards the Group's critical workforce. The ultimate objective of the Institute is to offer internationally recognised studies and qualifications in Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
• Harvest Risk Solutions - Through The Group's investment in Trading Spot (Pty) Ltd , the Harvest Group acquired a significant stake in the company. This merger led to the introduction of Harvest Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd which offers broking services in Short and Long term insurance, Medical Aid, Investments and Life cover etc. Harvest Risk is in partnership with other major insurance and underwriting companies in SA. Harvest Risk long term objective is to become an underwriter for major insurance companies in South Africa and beyond.
• Harvest Office Technologies - Harvest Office Technologies is a black empowered company and rated as a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor. We have partnered with some of the leading IT and software manufactures in South Africa which enables us to provide you, our clients with the most stable, reliable and cost effective solution for every need.

The Group is in the process of establishing operations in the following areas of business:
• Online transaction facilitation, Imports and Exports, Energy and Minerals Resources, Debt Solutions, Real Estate, Legal, SHEQ.
• Updates on the development of these companies will be made available as and when they occur.

After the successful establishment and initial operations of all the companies within the Group and meeting the AltX listing requirements, the Group will announce its Initial Public Offering and prospectors will be made available to the public.

The aim of the listing is to raise sufficient capital to grow the operations of the group, to continue to diversify both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

Note: Some of the information has been intentionally withheld for confidentiality and strategic reasons, if you require more information regarding that of our operations and future plans please feel free to contact our offices.


At present we are not in the market actively looking for financial investors as we believe that internally generated capital and a certain amount of debt funding where necessary will support the Group's activities and plans to our Initial public offering (IPO). However we will give careful consideration to worthy strategic investment proposals.


Our executive and management team is always prospecting the market for products & services and special skills of individuals who share a vision similar to ours and who can easily align themselves with the strategy of the Group. If you have a product, service, company or an idea that you believe will create synergies within the Group and its subsidiaries which potentially fits our investment criteria and aligned to the Group's vision, please feel free to engage us as we will be happy to meet with you and explore the presented opportunities with the aim of unlocking value for all concerned.